Dan Austin: Daily Press Person of the Year

Dan Austin, R.N. and a member of Synergy's Medical and Scientific Advisory Board Member, was named the 2011 Daily Press Person of the Year.

The Daily Press, a local news channel in Victorville, CA, recognized Dan Austin for his 20+ years of caring for patients and his work on a groundbreaking study on heart disease that has helped save many lives at the High Desert Heart Institute.

Nominated by his patient and close friend, Angelo Cici, Dan Austin has been instrumental in the helping of many lives.

"There's no perfect heart," Austin said, tears filling his eyes as he rested for a moment in the institute's crowded back office. "But if patients can leave here and feel better, if I can give them a few more years, if I can give them some quality of life, then that's my purpose."
"He goes to every funeral for every patient. He goes to their homes. He goes to the hospital," Angelo Cici said. "If you're going to have a nurse, that's the nurse you want."

Congratulations Dan for this significant award!

Read the complete article on the High Desert Daily Press website. Click here to go there now.



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