Updates to Downline Viewer in Pulse

Synergy WorldWide is always working to improve the tools we provide our Team Members, especially when it comes to the Web. Based on Team Member feedback, we’ve made a couple small changes to the downline viewer today that we hope will make it more convenient for you to use.

We love getting your feedback on all our online tools! If you have feedback related to these updates or ideas on anything regarding Synergy on the Web, please feel free to email us at marketing@synergyworldwide.com.

Quick View
When you mouse over a Team Member in your downline viewer, a box pops up with their volumes and several essential links. We’ve redesigned that box to make it easier to read, and we’ve added a large “Full Profile” button to make it easy to get more information on each Team Member.

Full Profile
Before, you would click on a person’s name to get volume and sponsorship information, and then you would click again to get order history, customer orders, etc. We’ve combined these two clicks so that now, with just one click, you can get volumes, sponsorship, order history, contact information of personally sponsored Team Members, and more.



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