Recap: January Open House/Gold Camp

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Presidential Executive & Open House Host Paul Blad
What an exciting weekend! Enthusiastic Team Members and guests arrived in large numbers, bringing with them a contagious energy and an impressive attitude of learning. Synergy WorldWide sincerely thanks all those who made these events such a tremendous success.

The weekend kicked off at the manufacturing facility, as Team Members arrived Friday afternoon to tour the labs, warehouse and production rooms. Over 100 people were welcomed by Howard Hanneman before they joined their tour guides. As a special treat, Manager of Global Quality Brian Gabbitas took a break from the tests of the Herb Lab to speak to each group. He addressed several important topics including radiation protection, mineral identification, and the exemplary purity and potency of the Synergy product line.

Following the tours, event attendees filled the seats and lined the walls of Synergy HQ. It was standing room only— the presentation room was bursting! Powerful presentations were given by our talented leaders. For example, Double Presidential Dianne Leavitt emotionally shared a few ways the Synergy Advantage has changed her life for the better. Other speakers such as Eric Glenn, Steve Seely, Bill Styles and Dane Iorg wowed the room with their own stories, showing the strong foundation and endless potential of our company.

The crowd continued to grow for the evening meetings. Product Expert and Director of Global Programs LaMar Wiscombe taught how Synergy products should be used to greatly enhance health. The 2014 Legacy Retreat recap video was premiered, showing one of the many rewards awaiting dedicated business builders. Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza coached the crowd and challenged them to seize the rewards made possible by the Synergy compensation plan.

It was an inspiring day made great by all who participated.

The next day's Gold Camp, held at the Provo Marriott Hotel, was again attended by an ambitious group of 160 Team Members. The Gold Camp training focused purely on effective, efficient business building. Synergy Vice President Stewart Rutter, Director of Sales Howard Hannemann, and Presidential Executives Paul Blad and Rudy Pedroza were the featured presenters, sharing expert advice sure to improve the work habits of all present. R.I. Training President William Black led the second session, providing each attendee with valuable information. The feedback has been incredibly positive for this event, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

Synergy WorldWide extends our gratitude to all who attended Open House and Gold Camp. The feedback has been tremendous. The willingness of our leaders to share personal stories and heart felt comments is incredibly appreciated. If these events are any indication, 2014 is sure to be a fantastic year for North America.

THE NEXT OPEN HOUSE/GOLD CAMP WEEKEND: March 28-29, 2014. CLICK HERE to register for Gold Camp! 

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a great 2014 Kick-off Synergy Open House and Gold Camp.

    I'm very excited about the new bonus program, and how this program fills the gap in helping distributors build effective business methods that will help their businesses and Synergy Worldwide wildly prosperous in 2014 and beyond... edina

  2. THIS was THE MOST INCREDIBLE, INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, EDUCATIONAL Gold Camp EVER! If you missed it, YOU MISSED BIG! Synergy has gone above and beyond what I ever expected a company to do for us. THE NEW BONUSES ALONE (over and above regular payouts!) are equal to someone's job for half a year!!!! The training by William Black was outstanding! William, I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE! I don't know why I have been so blessed to be at the right place at the right time....but I am SO GRATEFUL to my Heavenly Father to introduce me to this company that has such high standards, such high integrity, such high expectations for THEMSELVES! THIS is the year, dear Synergy family. We are blasting off together! Let's lock arms and make a commitment to CHOOSE TO BELIEVE that we can do it--TOGETHER! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Synergy, for ALL you do for us! I love you all! I WILL NOT MISS THE NEXT GOLD CAMP! MARCH 28, 29! NO WAY!!!!! Rene'e La Montagne