Food Donations at Upcoming Synergy Events

All Open House and Gold Camp attendees who bring in food or cash donations will be entered into an exclusive raffle.

The winner will take home an exciting prize from Synergy WorldWide!

We have an exciting weekend coming up: Our special Open House happens Friday, January 24, and Gold Camp is happening at the Provo Marriott hotel on Saturday the 25th. What makes these events all-the-more exciting is a chance for you to lend a hand, do something great for those in need, and win a gift to take home.

Synergy WorldWide and Nature's Sunshine are proud to be hosting a food donation drive on behalf of the Utah Food Bank. In connection with our upcoming events, we would like to invite YOU, our friends and Team Members, to help us collect food to fight hunger in Utah.

How it Will Work
  1. Arrive at Friday's Open House* and/or Saturday's Gold Camp
  2. Hand your donation to the designated Synergy staff member
  3. Receive a special raffle ticket
  4. Cross your fingers and hope your ticket number is drawn! There will be winners at each event!
If you would like to donate food or cash but are unable to do so at this weekend's events, feel free to bring it by the Synergy corporate office anytime between now and February 14th. We will gladly accept your donations and ensure that it all goes to the right place.

Note that food/cash donors will be eligible to win an exclusive prize in addition to the regularly held raffles/giveaways featured at these events. In other words, bring in donations to double your chance of winning!

Why Donate
According to Feeding America and the Utah Food Bank, 1-in-6 Utahans and 1-in-5 children are unsure where their next meal will come from. Every day, approximately 472,000 Utahans risk missing at least one meal. After the holiday season, food donations drastically decrease; with the spring-summer months being the greatest time of need. The Utah Food Bank will accept cash contributions in lieu of food donations, and has the ability to turn every $1 donation into $8 worth of goods and services.

*You can submit your donation and receive a raffle ticket at either the Manufacturing Facility or Synergy HQ portion of the Open House



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