December's Top 10 Winners

Congratulations to 2013's last set of Monthly Prize winners! Margie Dean earned spot #1, and the Holkers came in at #2! We hope that these folks enjoy their iPad Minis. Consider it a late Christmas present, well deserved for working hard through the holidays!

Take a look at the rest of the Top 10 and the points they earned last month:

December Top 10 Winners

Rank Name Points
1 Margie Dean 6060 iPad Mini
2 Marty & Heather Holker 5120 iPad Mini
3 Lee & Crystal Edwards 4257 Kindle Fire
4 ThisWorks 3934 Kindle Fire
5 Roger Knick 3705 Synergy Luggage
6 Josephine Morello 2921 Synergy Luggage
7 Ed Wertz 2358 iPod Nano
8 Michael Katcher 2339 iPod Nano
9 Paul T. McGarry 2229 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake
10 Donald Schultz 2208 Synergy Backpack, SLMsmart Health Shake

The Future of the Top 50 Challenge
The Top 50 Challenge was launched in 2013 to reward Team Members for their business building efforts. The feedback has been excellent, the results have been positive, and Synergy is happy to keep it going into this new year! STAY TUNED to the Synergy Blog as we announce the new prizes, travel and rewards to look forward to. Keep earning those points!

To see the list of 2013 Top 50 Challenge Yearly Winners, click here.

To see the Top 50 Challenge point system, click here.



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