2013's Top 50 Challenge Winners

Synergy WorldWide is pleased to announce the final results of our 2013 Top 50 Challenge. 

We sincerely congratulate and thank these fifty North American Team Members who led the market in business building activity. The names on this prestigous list belong to those who were able to effectively enroll, sponsor, advance in ranks and build strong teams. They set an example and truly deserve to be recognized.

Throughout 2013, the Top 50 Challenge was a source of motivation and reward for the Team Members on this list. Many of them earned monthly prizes, from iPads and iPods to Synergy-branded merchandise. Several of these Team Members were able to attend the Global Summit in Seoul after being awarded cash toward travel. Even as far back as April, North American Team Members leading in points were treated to an exciting evening of Las Vegas entertainment in conjunction with our 2013 Business Builder Conference.

Still ahead, the Team Members on this list who earned at least 10,000 points have a luxurious Cancun vacation to look forward to. Soon an email will arrive in their inbox featuring an invitation and registration link. We look forward to seeing these hard working leaders enjoy some fun and relaxation in Mexico. They've earned every bit of it.

Top 50 Team Members
North America, 2013

David Johnston & Tommy Bethards 55,516
Steve & Roxanne Seely50,243
Richard & Joy Matwyshen40,730
Edward Wertz36,987
Mylo Berstad36,347
Cynthia Wiggins28,893
Gwen Brown28,722
Lee & Crystal Edwards28,091
Pamela Krajnik26,458
Marty & Heather Holker23,761
Sandra L. Kerner23,460
Impact Health Marketing21,124
Paul T. McGarry20,761
Levi Troyer20,152
Denise Butcher19,106
John Delagrange18,709
Cliff & Janice Rosang17,984
Synergy Health, LLC17,586
Melissa Larsen16,901
Mark Comer16,773
Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer15,713
Dr. Glenn Clearie15,185
Scott Healey14,857
Alex Vance14,559
Donald G. Schultz14,318
Lillian C. Vergin14,244
Xavier & Rosanne Marin14,206
Barton & Sheila Lund14,044
Dan Hammer13,541
Dr. Bruce Lewandowski12,163
Anna Bergman11,839
William D. Styles11,809
Margie Dean11,695
Bart Woodcook11,564
Michael Katcher11,343
Wayne Faw11,271
Susan Bober11,121
Brent Burnett11,090
Lor Pace10,761
Dr. Philip Strevey10,522
Dr. Jim Sandberg10,521
David N. Sim, MD10,430
Brenda & Gary Smestad10,239
Dr. Werner Marksfeld10,096
Roger Hunt10,070
Fred Girbert10,034
Donna Heinicke8,943
David Munoz8,446
Joshua Swift8,370

For totals and rankings below the Top 50, please refer to the weekly updated leaderboard.



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