Activity Bonus Program

Introducing the new program designed to reward you for the best business building practices.

Starting February 1, 2014, Synergy Team Members can earn two monthly cash bonuses while establishing a strong foundation of residual income.

Personal Activity Bonus (PAB)
Simply sponsor 2 New Team Members and 2 New customers in a month to earn a PAB. The bonus gets bigger with each consecutive month you accomplish this goal! See below for more details.

Duplication Activity Bonus (DAB)
Earn this bonus each time your newly sponsored Team Members earn their own PAB. The bonus gets bigger (up to $2,000 monthly!) as the number of your successful Team Members increases. See below for more details.

Play the video below to see the excitement of Synergy Founder Dan Higginson and Director of Sales Howard Hannemann for what this program can do for your business.

The Purpose of the Activity Bonus Program
This program has been designed to help Team Members master the art of building a long-term residual income. While these cash bonuses are wonderful incentives, the real rewards of the Activity Bonus Program come later. As people develop the monthly habits of sponsoring, enrolling, and leading others to do the same, they'll quickly find their income increasing as their Mega-Match commissions start to skyrocket.

Become a master business builder. Earn cash along the way.

Your Activity Bonus Claim Form
In order to receive their Personal Activity and Duplication Activity Bonuses, Team Members will need to submit the Activity Bonus Program Claim Form. We encourage leaders to help their Team Members fill out and submit these helpful forms as this practice has been shown to increase accountability and productivity.

The claim forms must be submitted by 12 midnight (Mountain Time) on the last day of each month.
  • Email submissions:
  • Fax: 801-443-3279

Download Claim Form

Program Details: PAB
Your Personal Activity Bonus increases with each consecutive month of success. You can earn a PAB every month when:
  1. You sponsor one or more new Team Members with a total of 300 or more activation CV.
  2. You sponsor two or more new customers with a cumulative total of 200 or more customer CV.
  3. You are on Autoship (minimum 100 CV).
Note that only one PAB can be earned each month.

Program Details: DAB
When it comes to the Activity Bonus Program, the Duplication Activity Bonus is where the most exciting cash comes from. You can earn a DAB every month when:
  1. You have earned a PAB yourself that month.
  2. A Team Member you have sponsored within the promotion period also earns a PAB.
The more of your new Team Members that earn their own PAB in a month, the higher your DAB. Each month you can earn up to $2000 in Duplication Activity Bonus! Sponsor as many Team Members as you can each month to increase your Duplication Activity Bonus pool.

Promotion Period: February 1 through September 30, 2014.

The Fine Print: The Activity Bonus Program is only applicable for North American Team Members and customer enrollments. "New Team Members" are defined as those who are sponsored during the promotion period. A "new customer" is defined as a customer whose first ever purchase from Synergy WorldWide occurred during the promotional period.

QUESTIONS? Watch the webinar below for a brief promotion training. You can also reach out to Synergy Customer Service at 801-769-7800.




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