Top 50 Challenge Continues: 2014

Last year's North American incentive program was a tremendous success. Team Members across the market rose to the Top 50 Challenge, earning points, prizes, cash and a vacation worth looking forward to (they'll depart for Cancun this March).  Now, as we begin a new year, Synergy is pleased to announce that the Top 50 Challenge will take place once again, giving North America's hard working Team Members a chance to win in a variety of ways throughout 2014.

Once again, Synergy will give the top 10 point earners of each month an exciting prize as a reward for their business building efforts. Along with the iPad Minis, Kindle Fires and Synergy merchandise, Team Members can look forward to new prizes this year, such as cameras and bluetooth speakers sure to come in handy at your next Synergy event.

Few things are as exciting as a chance to leave town for a time, experience a new place and enjoy a vacation. This year, Synergy will be taking the Top 50 point earners that have achieved over 10,000 points to a world class, all-inclusive resort in Los Cabos Mexico! We encourage Team Members to set their sites on this trip to paradise and let Synergy save you a seat on the beach.

The ways to earn points this year are the same as they were in 2013. Team Members are awarded points for a variety of business building activities including recruiting, rank advancing, and helping those you sponsor to do the same. You can check your progress and point totals every week by clicking the "Top 50" tab at the top of this blog, or by clicking here.

If you have any questions about the Top 50 Challenge, please contact us. We are looking forward to another fantastic year!



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