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Friday, June 22, 2012

Synergy WorldWide is excited to announce the release of the single, Prince of Babylon, by world famous recording artist, NAD.
Mark Comer, founder of 5 Star Legacy Foundation, was asked to play guitar on the rock version of the single (Rock Remix). Nad is and has been a strong supporter of 5 Star Legacy Foundation and continues to help further its cause.

NAD generously offered to give a portion of all sales from this release to 5 Star Legacy Foundation and their ongoing support to help children in need from around the world.

The cost is just $2.97 for the 3 versions of Prince of Babylon. Remember, a portion of the proceeds will help support 5 Star Legacy Foundation, so please download the songs now and forward this message on to all of your contacts! This will be very significant for 5 Star Legacy Foundation!

To purchase go to your iTunes music store and type in "nad prince of babylon".

Thanks for your support!
Synergy WorldWide

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. Thanks for your support Nad, Prince of Babylon!