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André Pedersen is a 31 year old Team Member from Norway with experience as a football (soccer) coach, personal trainer, and masseur. He was first introduced to Synergy WorldWide by his mother who was taking ProArgi-9+ and experiencing great results. Although skeptical at first, André checked the ingredients on the ProArgi-9+ canister and immediately realized its possible benefits.

Upon hearing a presentation on ProArgi-9+ and Mistica, André desired to try the products himself before he could recommend them to anyone else. “I've always been skeptical of nutritional supplements as there are so many products in circulation that aren’t exactly what they claim to be,” André says. “More often than not, these products fail to reach high quality standards. If I recommend products that do not meet customer expectations, I will destroy my name and reputation, and thus lose my income.”

Before taking the products, André took a cardio test on the treadmill and recorded the results. After the test, he began taking both products, which consisted of 4 scoops of ProArgi-9+ and 100 ml of Mistica every day. It didn’t take long before the benefits started to appear.

André experienced better sleeping habits and felt rested and energized throughout the entire day. During strength training, he had more to give without experiencing the negative side effects of prolonged muscle fatigue. His recovery time improved despite the fact that he was training harder, and he noticed improvements to his skin and circulation.

After 3 months, André retook the cardio test and improved his time by 2.30 minutes. Experiencing these results in that short amount of time was miraculous and it was all contributed to ProArgi-9+ and Mistica. As part of the experiment, André stopped taking the products and could feel the repercussions immediately.

To get a second opinion, André emptied a canister of ProArgi-9+, replaced it with pharmaceutical L-arginine, and gave it to his girlfriend. After some time his girlfriend said, "André, I don’t think the ProArgi-9+ is doing anything, it seems to have no effect at all." After receiving the feedback, André gave his girlfriend a fresh canister of ProArgi-9+ and the difference was obvious. "André, I think the ProArgi-9+ is working. I now have so much more energy during my workouts."

“Synergy Worldwide has outstanding products, and they are the first products that I can really vouch for and recommend strongly to others.”



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