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While training for a half marathon, Joel Higginson ran for two months and started to get back into shape. Knowing the benefits of Synergy’s products, he decided to incorporate one stick pack of ProArgi-9+ Active, two scoops of ProArgi-9+, and one scoop of Core Greens into his daily exercise regimen.

Joel immediately noticed great improvements to his running time. More importantly, he noticed a decreased buildup of lactic acid, he felt less fatigued, he recovered much faster and was able to do things that he wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Overall, the combined products helped keep his body in harmony.

“I’ve been active my entire life,” Joel says. “I’ve always loved athletics and Synergy’s products truly make a difference for me and my ability to work out, run, and recover. They really improve the way I feel.”

And it’s not just Joel who’s benefiting from Synergy products. “My buddies don’t really think about their heart health. At 33 years old, they just don’t think about stuff like that,” says Joel. “My buddies are now taking ProArgi-9+ because I told them, ‘Hey, it’s good for your workout. It’s good for your ability to prolong your exercise.’ They are taking ProArgi-9+ before going to the gym and now everybody’s getting a better workout.”

“My wife is turning into a runner as well,” he continues. “If you want to see someone panic, try removing ProArgi-9+ from our cupboards,” he jokes. “One time, I took all our ProArgi-9+ with me on a trip. She called me the second she noticed and insisted that I immediately replace it the day I got home. She loves it as much as I do!”

Joel Higginson
Salem, UT



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