Corrine Brandi – Care to Share

Pearl Executive, Corrine Brandi made her mark in the corporate world as a teacher and trainer in the software engineering industry and as a successful consultant. At the time that Corrine joined Synergy, she had left software engineering because she was tired of being away from her family.

“It’s not really about the income for me. I was a corporate trainer, It’s not like I didn’t make money, but I never had the time freedom to enjoy it,” she recalls. “I’m now able to be with my kids every day. I can drive them to school in the morning and pick them up at night. I’m here for them and when I’m home, I’m home.”

“Recall the game monopoly, and you know the get out of jail free card, that’s what I consider Synergy to be, a get out of jail free card for a tremendous amount of people,” says Corrine. “I love where I live, and unlike other people on Cape Cod, I can actually enjoy where I live. Through Synergy, I’ve been able to upgrade my house and secure my kids’ future. I caught up on my mortgage, I’ve gotten out of a lot of debt, and I’m able to buy the best food for my girls and myself.”

“When people first come into the business, they don’t know much about the product, they don’t know much about the compensation plan, so they need to borrow their belief from others,” Corrine explains. “You can borrow your belief from your upline, but you can’t begin the business with deep belief because that requires time. You really need your upline; I never would have made it without my upline,” she continues. “The biggest thing that people will say is, ‘I can’t sell anything, I could never be in that business,’ and I always say, ‘that’s great because I don’t sell anything.’ It’s a people business and what we do is we empower other people to share their own experiences.”

“I love Synergy,” says Corrine. “The leadership team is really why I knew I could be successful here. Starting with Dan Higginson, he’s what inspired me to make the commitment. I love Synergy’s logo and Synergy’s byline, which is ‘Leave a Legacy.’ We all want to leave a legacy in some way and I’m leaving a legacy for my children and for the people in my community.”



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