Team Members Recognized - October 2012

Congratulations to our incredible leaders throughout the United States and Canada for their efforts in achieving new ranks and helping others build their Synergy business.

October Rank Advancements

Jacquelyn Bartlett
Anna Bergman

Daniel Driedger
Endocrine Medibolic Medical Center
Pat Connor

Joy Matwyshen
Alan E. Pinkham
Kevin Coloumbe
Robert and Dianne Haunschild
Josh Johnston
Dan Quigg
Charlie Iorg
Patricia Vaillant
Omega S Ranch LLC
Brett & Alissa Taylor
Sandra L Kerner

See the complete October 2012 Rank Advancement list on Pulse >>

Title Plus Bonus Enhanced

Recently announced at the Synergy Summit in September, the Title Plus Bonus enhancement now allows the levels Star - Gold levels to participate and earn a one-time reward.

Click here to learn about the enhanced Title Plus Bonus>>

Congratulations to the following for their Title Plus Bonus qualification:

Team Leader - $500 Cash

Craig Newhouse
Jacquelyn Bartlett
Anna Bergman

Silver - Apple iPad

Vivian N Szczepankowski

Bronze - Registration & Hotel (2 nights) to a Synergy Gold Camp & Open House

Rusty Cottrell

Star - $75 Product Pack

Aaron Melius
Maria Friesen
Dr. Michael Bell
Dr. Ryan Kremer
Jessica Basso
Nathen Dodge
Kristine Williams
Denice Mackenzie
S and H
Dave Meszaros

October Top Recruiters
Team Members with the most personally sponsored tracking centers


Gwen Brown
Dan Hammer
Susan Bober
Danny Natividad
Tom Sawyer


Cliff & Janice Rosang
Terri Surdzis
Regina & Tim Kuzemchuk
Joseph Zehr
Sandra Klatt

October Top Team Builders
Team Members with the most personally sponsored rank advancements


Mark Comer
Dr. Stan Odle, Jr.
Eric Glenn
Endocrine Therapeutics Inc.
Rolling K Inc.


Cliff and Janice Rosang
Elizabeth Driedger
Heart Health Institute LTD
Trish Coulombe
Nathan Ruman

2x2 Builder Bonus Earners
Team Members who earned a 2x2 Builder Bonus in the month of October. Learn how you can earn extra cash>>

Kristi Ross
Gwen Brown
Patricia Butkovich
Boardwalk Insurance Services
Debra Maisonneuve
Paul Blad & Rudy Pedroza
Bart Woodcook

Autoship 100
Team Members with the most personally sponsored on Autoship 100

Gwen Brown
Jim & Rene'e Creasey
Gerri Bingham
Mark Comber
Linda Baldock
Dane Iorg
Melissa Larsen
Rod & Anita Swift
John Hewlett
Judy Swanson

2013 Legacy Retreat Qualifiers
The 2013 Legacy Retreat will be held in Atlantis, Bahamas. Watch the promo video>>

Qualified Alumni

Dianne & Lorin Leavitt
Paul Blad
Rudy Pedroza
Dane Iorg
Mark Comer
Bart Woodcook
Marty & Heather Holker
Eric Glenn

First-Time Qualifiers

Corrine Brandi
Mark Rosales
Jim & Rene'e Creasey



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