Healthy Choice Challenge FAQs

Thanks to all those who have already joined Synergy's Healthy Choice Challenge. Since it was announced, there have been several questions that we'd like to address so that everyone is clear on how it all works.

For a refresher on what the challenge is, click here >>

If you have additional questions, beyond what is found below, please email us at for further clarification. 

Healthy Choice Challenge FAQs

Q: How do I enter Synergy's Healthy Choice Challenge? 
A: You can enter by doing any of the following:

Q: Am I limited to the amount of entries I can have per week? 
A: Yes and no. You can only submit your Healthy Choice experience one time via email and Facebook per week. However, you are not limited to the amount of packs you purchase each week. If you email your experience, post it on Facebook, and purchase one pack all in one week, you will have a total of 4 entries for the weekly drawing. You will earn 1 point for every pack you purchase - no limit. 

Q: Do my entries carry over from week to week? 
A: Yes, if you have not won, your entries will carry over into the next week's drawing. 

Q: Can I win more than once? 
A: No, you can only win once in the Healthy Choice Challenge weekly giveaways. 

Q: When will the weekly giveaway winner be announced? 
A: We will announce the winner each week on Friday - beginning with Friday, November 23. 

Q: How will the winner be announced? 
A: The winner will be announced on Synergy's Facebook page, as well as notified via email and phone if necessary.

Q: What markets is this challenge for? 
A: The Healthy Choice Challenge is only for the United States and Canada. 

Q: Can customers participate? 
A: Yes, this challenge is for Team Members and customers. 

Q: Is this pack available in Canada? 
A: No, the pack is not available in the Canada warehouses; however, Canada Team Members and customers can still purchase it and have it shipped from our Utah warehouse. Those from Canada will need to call Customer Service to do so - (801) 769-7800. 

Again, if you have additional questions, please email them to or call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800. 



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