Are Synergy Products "Organic"?

When it comes to nutritional supplements, you deserve superior quality. One of the most frequent questions asked through Ask an Expert and on our manufacturing tours is whether or not Synergy products are "organic"?

As many of you likely know, the term "organic" refers to a growing method of plants that does not utilize any synthetic chemicals. Our own extensive farm auditing and raw material testing processes ensures that our herbs and all raw materials meet organic standards. Because of our strict internal testing, we do not pursue third party organic certification for any of our finished products. The organic certification process is primarily for marketing purposes.

Synergy is committed to having the best supplements. When applicable, we purchase organic-certified ingredients. However, several ingredients are not candidates for organic certification. Plants that are wild-crafted are not grown on farms, and hence cannot be certified organic. We obtain several herbs from outside of the U.S., and very few countries outside the U.S. have any kind of standard for organic certification. We only partner with suppliers that meet our strict quality standards. We inspect our suppliers' facilities to be sure they are meeting our standards. Our own extensive farm auditing and raw material testing processes ensures that our herbs meet organic standards.

When you purchase Synergy WorldWide products, you can be guaranteed the product contains no residues from fertilizers, pesticides or other types of contamination.

Remember that organic certification from an independent organization does not necessarily mean high quality. Organic items can still be contaminated through contaminated water sources unknown to the growers. The real proof is in the testing, which Synergy conducts according to the strictest quality assurance practices in the industry.

You can be assured that we provide the highest quality products with the highest purity standards.



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