How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The Healthy Choice Challenge encourages you to make the right decisions this holiday season to stay healthy and keep the extra pounds off.

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Now that the holiday season is officially upon us, we can all plan on some incredible food in the days and weeks ahead. We also know that it's not uncommon to put on an extra 5-10 pounds by the end of the year.

To avoid having to buy bigger pants to start 2013, try following these simple recommendations:

Mistake #1: Skip Breakfast.

A common mistake people make is to skip breakfast thinking they'll "save" calories and trade them in for a better, bigger meal in the evening.

This unfortunately leads to weight gain. Your metabolism is at its best from the time you wake up until about 2 pm. After that, it slows down. So if you're eating a majority of your calories in the evening, your body will store it as fat.

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Mistake #2: Show Up Starving.

We're all guilty of this. A big meal is ahead, so we'll wait to eat until that time to save our appetite.

By beginning a meal in starvation-mode, people are more likely to overeat which is a sure way to pack on the extra pounds.

Tip: Keep Healthy Snacks Around. Have healthy snacks in your house. Next time you go grocery shopping, plan for snacks that are simple, healthy, and convenient. Try a good mix of fruit and vegetables. Not only will this help strengthen your immune system but it will help you avoid over-indulging on those not-so-healthy options.

Mistake #3: Sport Eating. 

You're with friends or family and gathered around a table with all sorts of food. It's not a meal, you're just socializing. Even though you're not hungry, it all tastes so good. So you keep going back for more, often times not realizing it. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is called "Sport Eating" and will definitely lead to weight gain.

Tip: Pay attention to your body. Being aware is the first step. Eating healthy does not mean to be hungry. Choose healthy food options and pay attention to how you feel when eating. On a hunger scale of 1-10, with 10 being stuffed and uncomfortable, you should aim to stop at a 7, where you're satisfied and content.

Avoiding these common mistakes and putting these 3 tips into practice will help you enjoy the holiday season without any regrets come 2013! Happy Holidays!



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