2012 Korea Summit Recap

Synergy WorldWide continues to experience tremendous success around the globe.

Synergy Korea is coming off the heels of an incredible Summit that had the most attendees ever in the history of this market. With over 2,300 people in attendance Korea celebrated their ongoing success, introduced three new products (Core Greens, CoQ10, and ProArgi-9+ Active), and recognized two new Double Presidential Executives, one new Presidential Executive and one new Diamond Executive.

The energy in the convention hall was palpable as they detailed why now is the prime time to be with Synergy WorldWide. Korea has experienced significant growth for 4 consecutive years and will continue to do so with its tremendous Team Member leadership and talented corporate staff.

Congratulations to Synergy Korea! We look forward to joining you at the 2013 Global Summit in Seoul.

Click here to see the 2013 Global Summit promo video.



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