Synergy Care to Share Campaign

Friday, January 27, 2012

At Synergy WorldWide leaving a legacy is a way of life.

Whether it's through heart healthy products, a powerful business opportunity, or by giving back to those in need, Synergy's Team Members and employees are committed to blessing the lives of others. This is why 2012 will be the year of sharing!

Care to Share

So what's the Care to Share campaign all about? Sharing. We want the world to hear how your life has been impacted through Synergy WorldWide. Sharing is simple, check out the three easy ways to share below.

How do I share?

Synergy's Facebook page is the principal medium for sharing; however, we will be utilizing every communication channel possible to let these stories be heard.

If you haven't already, simply "Like" our Facebook page and share your story on Synergy's wall. It really is that simple. Click here to go there now!

Care to Share Hotline
Leave us a message on the Care to Share hotline about how Synergy has benefited your life and we'll push it out for you on Facebook! The Care to Share hotline can be reached at (801) 431-7626.

Prefer typing over leaving a voicemail? Email us your story at

Care to Share Today!

Whether big or small, let's take our Synergy experiences global! Click here to go to Synergy's Facebook page and let everyone know how Synergy has impacted your life for the better.

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. Synergy's Proargi9 Has assisted me in losing 33 pounds. It gave me energy when I had -0- This product surprised me beyond words. It assisted my body in releasing what I am sure was atherosclerosis throughout my neck and shoulders. After 2 weeks, I felt less depressed and like I could run 6 miles. I WAS like No way! Then my daily headaches started to decrease. I started on 1 to a half scoop... After 2 and a half weeks I bought a 3 pack and totally went for it. After 3 months I was living a healthier, higher quality of life. I started getting back to doing all the things I loved and spending quality time with my children. THANK YOU DR.JOE AND SYNERGY!! ~SherrySteed~