ProArgi-9+ Grape Jumbos

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ProArgi-9+ Grape has been a huge hit since its launch at the Summit in Las Vegas. With its ever-increasing popularity, Synergy is now pleased to offer it in the new Jumbo size!

As of Friday, January 27, the new ProArgi-9+ Grape Jumbo will be available for purchase for $239/170CV.

ProArgi-9+ Grape Jumbo Promotion

Come to Synergy's Open House and take advantage of an in-store-only promotion available this weekend where you can purchase a ProArgi-9+ Grape Jumbo for only $200/150CV!

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. I tried to order this special online today. It does not appear anywhere on the site??? Where can I find this?

  2. The ProArgi-9+ Grape Jumbos will be available for purchase online shortly. Until then, you can place your order through Customer Service at (801) 431-7660.

    The promotion listed above ($200/150CV) is only available in the Synergy store here at the corporate office during our Open House.

    Thank you!

    Synergy Communications

  3. Will this be available in Canada ?

  4. We hope to have the PA9+ Grape Jumbos available for Canada no later than April 1.

  5. Will the PA9+ Grape be available in the Single Serving Stick Packs anytime soon?

  6. The PA9+ Grape single serve packs will be available at a future time. However, it's looking like they won't be ready until around the 3rd quarter of this year.