PAB's Coming In Hot!

The new Activity Bonus Program is already producing some exciting success and reinforcing the right activities to grow your Synergy business. We would like to recognize a few more of the PAB achievers from this week.

Impact Health Marketing, our #1 achievers in last year's Top 50 Challenge, continues to move business forward by sponsoring new Team Members and Customers. They actually sponsored two new Team Member's at over 500 CV each, though only one was needed to earn the PAB. Now, Impact Health is working hard with these two new Team Members to help them earn their own PAB this month. This, of course, could earn Impact Health Marketing a Duplication Activity Bonus (DAB) for each of the two Team Members– potentially another $250 in extra bonus money. The best part, however, will be the increase in Basic Commission and the best part of the Synergy plan – the Mega Match!

Pamela Krajnik, another of 2013's Top 10 point earners, a member of our North American Advisory Board, also earned her first PAB. She earned it by sponsoring one new TM at 300 CV and two new Customers at 100 and 170 CV. Pam has increased her confidence and skill level in the business at an amazing rate within the past year. She is doing daily personal development and understands how to INVITE others to take a look at Synergy's products and opportunity. Congrats Pam! We are big fans of yours!

Fred Girbert, recently started his Synergy business and caught fire in the Top 50 Challenge as well, earning a spot in Cancun after plenty of hard work. Now, Fred has earned his first PAB. He sponsored one new TM at 300 CV and two new customers, one at 200 and the other at 100 CV. He made this happen in a few different ways: The one TM and one customer were introduced to Fred at a local health fair. Fred was meeting a lot of people that day and simply sharing the information about good health. Some people purchased product directly from him, but these two wanted to purchase directly from the company! So Fred made it happen. He plans to meet with the brand new TM next week to get him going Synergy. As for the second of the two customers, he came as a referral from another customer. This goes to show that taking care of your customers, ensuring they have a good experience, will lead to happy people willing to share that experience with others.

Congrats to this first handful of PAB earners! We commend you for catching the vision of the Activity Bonus Program. Now, as you work toward your first DAB's, we wish you the best of success.



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