Company CSO Announces Plans for Labs, Clinics and Trials

Last night, Dr. Matthew Tripp, Chief Scientific Officer of Synergy/NSP, spoke to a large number of listeners on this month's Cardio Call. Dr. Tripp had some important and fascinating things to say about our company's research and development plans and our mission to reverse chronic disease. Here are a few of the highlights:

"After meeting with the top management of the [Synergy/NSP], what I recognized was that their vision and my passion are very well aligned. My passion is to make a difference in the world. You might call it a personal mission, if you will. It’s not religion based, it’s just seeing a great level of chronic illness in the world and asking ‘how can I make a difference’ and ‘how can we work together.’ That’s what impressed me about the folks at Synergy and Nature’s Sunshine. They cared very much. They wanted to leverage what they had to do bigger, better things."
"We are building a molecular and cellular biology lab for discovery, a chemistry lab and a clinic. We’ll be running human clinical trials on our discoveries and also on many of our fine products to demonstrate their clinical efficacy. We’ll have state-of-the-art instrumentation. We’ll be developing our own intellectual property. It’s a full blown discovery and development project."

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Dr. Matthew Tripp received a Ph.D. from Washington State University in Physiology/Microbial Genetics/Microbiology; an M.A. in Microbial Physiology/Bacterial Genetics and a B.S. in Biology both from Western Michigan University. He completed extensive post-doctoral research at the University of California – San Diego where he discovered novel protein phosphorylation cascades involved in nutrient signaling (nutrigenomics) – processes that when disrupted by poor diet, lead to metabolic disease and chronic illness.

His career includes leadership roles and R&D responsibilities at the Kellogg Company, the Miller Brewing Company and Metagenics. He served as the Vice President of Research and Development at Metagenics, a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality dietary supplements and medical foods sold through health care practitioners in the U.S. and pharmacies abroad. He also concurrently served as Senior Vice President, Research and Development, at KinDex Therapeutics, a biotechnology company.

At Metagenics, Dr. Tripp had direct responsibility for managing the discovery, development, safety, and clinical validation of medical foods and nutraceuticals. Significantly, he led the creation of a substantial body of proprietary intellectual property, resulting in over 100 patents and patent applications.

Now, at Nature’s Sunshine Products, the parent company of Synergy WorldWide, Dr. Tripp serves as the Chief Scientific Officer. His responsibilities include working to oversee the company's product research and development operations. Furthermore, he plays a critical role in clearly defining, developing and communicating the Company’s science strategy and vision to achieve higher organic growth and profitability through innovation.



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