Leaders Discuss Impact of Business Builder Conference

At the beginning of 2013, Dr. Douglas Pfeiffer and Dr. Bruce Lewandowski were two ProArgi-9+ fans with limited interest in building a profitable Synergy business. Thankfully, leaders from their upline encouraged them to attend that year's Business Builder Conference, held in April. They followed the advice, registered for the conference and flew to Las Vegas to attend the event. That experience transformed their perspective and their income.

Today, Doctors Pfeiffer and Lewandowski are two of North America's top leaders. They both finished 2013 as Top 50 point earners. They both qualified for the Cancun vacation and leave in less than a month. They have each achieved the rank of Team Leader and are aiming for even higher ranks. They qualified for Korea Cash, prizes, and ever increasing commissions and bonuses. According to them, it all started when they decided to attend the Business Builder Conference.

Watch the video below as they discuss this turning point:

Now is the time for you to have a similar experience. If you are ready for your business to be launched to new levels, and ready to begin achieving more than you have previously, let the 2014 Business Builder Conference be your springboard. Register today and don't miss the $20 registration discount that expires tomorrow!



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