Synergy Soccer Star Spotlight

Photo by Ken Inness
If you find yourself trying to get a soccer ball past Katherine Lynch, you are going to have your work cut out for you. Katherine, a senior at Montgomery High School in New Jersey, already has a few championships under her belt and she's looking for more. Katherine is currently in the running for the title of New Jersey's "Best Defender" because she plays hard, she plays smart, and she stays healthy.

Her mother, Synergy Team Member Dr. Teresa Lynch, believes in sharing the benefits of Synergy products with everyone, especially her family. For this reason, Katherine has the opportunity to experience Synergy supplements on a regular basis, and realize the great ways they affect her day and her soccer game.

Synergy WorldWide: What do you love most about soccer?
Katherine Lynch: It’s just something I love to do. I love the feeling it gives me when I play. It takes me away from stress. You just play, having fun with your best friends.

SWW: You are a defensive player. Isn't it true that players on defense have to be stronger than the strikers?
KL: [laughs] Yeah.

SWW: So what is your training like?
KL: During high school season, we practice five days a week, and we have two games per week. I’ll go to the weight room sometimes with my friend and do workouts. Then after I work out, after resistance training, I have a shake when I get home.

SWW: Tell us how you use Synergy products to improve your performance.
KL: Every morning I have the vanilla Health Shake for breakfast. Before I play, I’ll have a drink of ProArgi-9+, either the Active one or just regular.

SWW: How does that Health Shake breakfast affect your day?
KL: It gives me energy, actually. After I drink it, I actually am pretty awake, whereas if I eat other things for breakfast like cereal or toast or something it makes me really tired. These shakes fill me up and keep me going till lunch.

SWW: What’s this upcoming season going to be like for your high school team?
KL: We’re doing pretty well. We’re doing really well actually.

SWW: Are you going to win state?
KL: We’re hoping to. Last year we actually had one of the greatest seasons in the history of our town, basically. We won our conference, our county, our section and we won state.

In the background, Katherine's mother Terry is heard saying “Tell him you were the starting center!”

KL: And I was the starting center defender. My mom wants me to throw that in. But, yeah, it was a pretty crazy season that I’ll never forget.

SWW: Is it hard to keep good grades when you are a soccer star?
KL: Actually maintaining my grades is harder out of [soccer] season. Being in season keeps me on a schedule and it keeps me grounded and I know I need to get stuff done, so I don’t procrastinate as much. So my grades aren't a problem because I stay on top of them.

SWW: Health is not a huge focus for many people your age. Often, it's not until people get older and start losing their health that they realize how important it is to make healthy choices. Why is it already so important to you?
KL: Maintaining my health makes me happy. It gets me in a better mood. When I eat healthy I feel better, my energy is better… Everything is just more positive in my life when  I’m being healthy. When it starts to slip away, like when I’m out of [soccer] season, I’m often not as happy. Then I’m reminded that being healthy and eating healthy is important to being happy.



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