New Synergy Catalog Available

Featuring the headline "Smart Choices for Impressive Results," the newest version of Synergy WorldWide's product catalog is available now, both digitally and physically. This new version of the catalog includes updated product photos, descriptions, options, prices and helpful information corresponding to the entire US product line. offers the catalog in packs of 10 for Team Members to use to enhance their marketing and recruiting efforts. Many have found our catalogs to be effective handouts at hosted events. They have also proven to be very useful when answering questions, or as a leave-behind item after introducing someone to Synergy.

Note that you can preview the catalog online from your tablet, mobile device or computer at any time. See for yourself the modern, organized layout with sharp, updated product photos.

We hope that Team Members will find it useful as both a personal resource and a sales/recruiting tool. Click here to order from Sound Concepts at!



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