Double your Bonus, Experience Cancun, and Enjoy Rewards

As you start this new week with just 10 days left in this month, it's a good time to review your goals,  renew your efforts and answer the following questions:

Have you doubled your Fast Start Bonus yet this month? Sponsor at least 3 new Team Members in a month and Synergy will DOUBLE your Fast Start Bonuses for each of them. Synergy will do this for up to 5 new Team Members each month, so earn that bonus and enjoy the long-term rewards that follow!

Did you earn an extra 500 points towards Cancun? Each Team Member that sponsors at least 3 new people each month gets, not only the doubled Fast Start Bonus, they will also be awarded an extra 500 points for the Top 50 Challenge! Remember, the Top 50 Challenge exists to provide you with monthly prizes and even an unforgettable trip to Cancun! Speaking of which...

Cancun is going to be awesome! Are you going? If at the end of the year you are in the Top 50, with at least 10,000 points, then the answer is "YES!" You will be eligible and invited to come with Synergy to the Moon Palace Golf & Spa resort, and Synergy will pick up the tab*! For more details on the trip, and specifics on how to get there, click here.

As of this morning, the Top 50 leaderboards have been updated. Be sure to check your standings and do what you have to do to secure your spot!

*Each qualified account will be given $500 to be used towards airfare. The additional cost to arrive in Cancun will be the responsibility of the qualified Team Member. Upon arrival at the resort, Synergy will cover food, accommodations and company sponsored activities.  



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