Mark Comer on the Importance of Events

Double Presidential Mark Comer, one of Synergy's top earners and most successful business builders, is always willing to give expert advice and share his remarkable story. The many Team Members who tuned into the Corporate Update Call earlier in the week heard him specifically mention the importance of events in the course of his career. Following the call, we asked him to elaborate on the subject. This is what he said:

"Believe me, I've been with Synergy for a long time, and I've seen it over and over again. Events inspire people to build, and people build for events. Just think about Korea. That market started with  just a handful of people going to little local events, and now at the summit, there were over 4000 people.

Events help us in more ways than we even realize. I like feeling the vibe at an event, and then using that to figure out what I need to do next. I'm always telling people to look for events to attend, even if it takes some travel. Great things just start happening when you attend."

In the spirit of this great advice, here are a few upcoming North American events from our Synergy Events Calendar:

Team Freedom Business Builder Symposium
Saturday, October 26, Philadelphia, PA.
Click Here for registration and more info
Dan Austin of the High Desert Heart Institute, Marty Holker, Dr. Jim Sandberg and Howard Hannemann. Experience the trainings that helped catapult the businesses of several Synergy Leaders. This event will be open to all Synergy Team Members and guests.

Florida Team Events feat. Mark Comer
Wednesday, November 13 through Thursday, November 14,  Lady Lakes, Florida.
See Calendar for more info
This event is the perfect chance to hear from someone who has proven the Synergy MegaMatch Compensation Plan to be the best in the industry. Hosted by Joy and Richard Matwyshen, the location and more details of this event will be coming to the Synergy calendar shortly.

Synergy Open House/Gold Camp Weekend
Friday, November 15 through Saturday, November 16, Synergy WorldWide Corporate HQ.
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At the Synergy Open House, you'll have a chance to tour our manufacturing facility, as well as our corporate offices. See our commitment to purity, safety and quality. Hear trainings from our top leaders, our executive team and product experts. Then, at Gold Camp, experience a deeper level of training focused on true business building techniques. Learn to market Synergy in ways that will increase your income and freedom.

Idaho Synergy Symposium
Friday, November 22 through Saturday, November 23, Boise, Idaho.
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Featuring Special Guest Speakers: Dan Higginson, Founder/CEO, Synergy Worldwide. Scott Brumfield, Retired NFL Cincinnati Bengal #72, Head Coach of Dixie College Football, Synergy Worldwide Presidential Executive. Dan Austin,Chief Nurse High Desert Heart Institute, Synergy Worldwide Medical Advisory Board Member. Howard Hannemann, Director of Sales, Synergy North America. Bill Styles, Synergy Worldwide Team Elite. All guests welcome. You wont' want to miss this.



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