New Team Manager- Jean LaVallie

This February, Jean LaVallie of Illinois advanced to become North America's newest Team Manager. As a wife, mother and business builder, she has balanced a busy schedule to grow her business ever since joining Synergy in 2010.

“I’m on fire," said LaVallie. "I’m having fun. It’s a lot of hard work, but I really love what I’m doing. Helping people is so much fun.”

When asked to explain how she was able to make the jump from Team Leader to Team Manager, LaVallie was quick to give credit to her mentor and fellow Team Member, Dan Hammer:

"The most important thing that happened to me was that I found a teammate that I trust. We hold each other accountable. You gotta find someone that works with you, that doesn't necessarily build your business for you, but doesn't let you feel all alone. In network marketing sometimes we feel so alone, because it’s just your business and you’re doing a lot of things by yourself. When you have other people to bounce off marketing ideas and strategies on how to acquire customers or attract business builders, it just becomes that much more simple.”
LaVallie and Hammer are very proactive, developing training programs for their downline, and helping their teams to achieve and recruit. Those efforts are paying off. "I'm really thrilled," said LaVallie. "I knew [rank advancing] was going to happen. Dan and I have been developing our team training that we're implementing and we've been seeing great growth. We just knew it was only going to be a matter of time before we started seeing some real numbers come out. Now the goal is to maintain that."

The Synergy Advantage is built on teamwork, not just self promotion, and that is a concept LaVallie understands well. "It’s really just a brilliant compensation plan because it allows for everybody to have a real win-win attitude. The company wins, your downline wins, you win. That’s what makes it so exciting, because you can focus on the people you want to help.”

Synergy again congratulates Jean LaVallie and all our other Team Members throughout the world making progress and working to leave a legacy.



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