New Promo Offer: Maximum Protein

By definition, convenience is a good thing. We all love convenience, but in a world of fast-food and microwave-meals, we have to be careful to be healthy.

Synergy has a convenient solution: a quick, easy-to-mix meal replacement shake filled with protein, the building block of a healthy body.

Synergy Maximum Protein is delivered with just the right combination of fiber, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients. It is an effective protein formula that sustains energy levels and optimizes protein absorption. 

Now is the time to enjoy healthy convenience. Stock up on Synergy's Maximum Protein Meal Replacement before it's too late-- this special offer ends on March 31.  

Click here or call Customer Service at (801) 769-7800 to place your order! 

To read more about the benefits and features of Synergy Maximum Protein, click here.



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