February Top 10 Winners

The second month of the Top 50 Challenge is complete!

Congratulations to Cynthia Wiggins for coming in at #1 and Gwen Brown at #2 for the month of February! Each has earned an iPad Mini and 2 nights in Vegas for the 2013 Business Builder Conference.

Take a look at the rest of the Top 10 and what they've earned this month:

February Top 10

Rank Name Points
1 Cynthia Wiggins 3713 iPad Mini, 2 night Vegas Hotel 2013 BBC
2 Gwen Brown 3619 iPad Mini, 2 night Vegas Hotel 2013 BBC
3 Mark Comer 3414 Kindle Fire, 2 night Vegas Hotel 2013 BBC
4 Pamela Krajnik 3070 Kindle Fire
5 Steve & Roxanne Seely 3015 Synergy Luggage
6 S & D 2985 Synergy Luggage
7 David Johnston & Tommy Bethards 2978 iPod Nano
8 Andy Yoder 2534 iPod Nano
9 Slabaugh Metal Sales 2258 Synergy Backpack, 1 box PA9+
10 Marty & Heather Holker 2076 Synergy Backpack, 1 box PA9+

Cumulative Top 50
In addition to our list of Top 10 winners for February, we have also updated the Cumulative Top 50. Click here to see if you've made the list.

Congratulations to all those currently in the Top 50, including Gwen Brown who's in the lead so far for the year!

Remember, as you accumulate points throughout the year you can qualify for a Cancun vacation and travel to Synergy's Global Summit in Korea.

To see all those currently leading, check the live leaderboard here on the blog by selecting "Top 50" on the above menu, or simply click here.

*For complete details and information on Synergy's Top 50 Challenge, click here.



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