Alan Kaytukov, Martial Arts Superstar, on ProArgi-9+

Imagine stepping into a cage with a fierce creature, poised and ready to tear you apart. That may not ever happen to most of us, but for Alan Kaytukov, it happens regularly, and ProArgi-9+ helps him survive.

Alan Kaytukov is not a lion tamer. He is a talented, successful, professional mixed martial arts athlete. He fights for fun, and he fights for a living. Supporting a wife and a new daughter, Alan enters tournaments across the world to win titles, championships, belts and prizes. When he isn't competing, he's training, usually at least 6 hours per day of rigorous exercise.

"I regularly mix E9 with ProArgi-9+," says Kaytukov. "It has helped me a lot to recover, to keep me healthy and give me the energy and strength I need to compete."

That energy and strength is paying off. Earlier this month, Kaytukov won the 2013 North American Grappling Association Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was his second time winning the tournament.

"We have three fights in one day, ten minutes each fight," said Kaytukov as he explained the event. "Ten minutes is a long time. You have to be in very good shape."

Synergy WorldWide is proud of Kaytukov for this most recent win, and for the shape he's been able to maintain with the help of Synergy products. Along with ProArgi-9+,  he regularly supplements his diet with VitaZone and Body Guard. As a full-time fighter and part-time trainer, Kaytukov is never shy to recommend Synergy to his clients and fellow athletes.

Keep up the good work, Alan. We're glad you are on our side.



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