We don't guess, we test. We guarantee!

Dear Team Members,

We are now just over one week past our Business Builder Conference, which by all accounts was a huge success. We learned in great detail what an incredible resource and advantage we have with in-house R&D, product development, quality assurance and manufacturing. I believe all who participated in the conference came away with an even greater level of confidence and belief that Synergy offers the highest quality, safest, and most rigorously tested nutritional products on the market.

I hope that each of you realizes that this is true and that we have a tremendous advantage in this regard. Over 85% of our competitors don’t oversee their own product development and manufacturing. I really like a phrase that our Director of Sales, Howard Hannemann, has started using when talking about our competitive advantage, “Finding high quality nutritional supplements can be a real guessing game. We don’t guess, we test. We guarantee!”

During the conference weekend we heard from some of the most successful business builders in this industry on what we can do to accelerate our business. Mark Comer, Dane Iorg, John Hewlett, Rudy Pedroza, Bart Woodcook, Corrine Brandi, Bill Styles, Dwayne Schmidek, Steve Seely, and others trained us on the importance of self-belief, working hard and smart, tap rooting, networking through your group contacts, and putting a system in place that is simple and easy to duplicate. All very sound principles that can help each of you accelerate your success and focus on the long-term goal of a stable, residual business.

I want to reiterate a quote that I have used from time to time. It originates from the book, “It’s Not About You” and it illustrates the importance of staying focused, leading by example, and keeping others motivated for the long-term. I believe this to be true in our business and with any business in the world:

“The single biggest challenge to any organization is the constant cloud of fear and doubt that swirls around the heads of the people involved. As a leader, your job is to hold fast to the big picture, to keep seeing in your mind’s eye, with crystal clarity, where it is you’re going – that place that right at this moment exists only in your mind’s eye. And to keep seeing that, even when nobody else does. Especially when nobody else does. Your people count on you to do this. It’s the biggest job you have.”

I’d like to congratulate all those who rank advanced in the month of April. Allow me to highlight one special person who not only rank advanced, but took full advantage or our very exciting Title Plus Bonus promotion.

Melissa Larsen advanced to Team Manager in April. As a result, she is now qualified to attend our Team Manager Academy in July at the beautiful Silver Lake in Deer Valley, Utah. Through Title Plus, she earned an extra $1,000 for advancing to Team Manager. She ALSO earned a $500 PLUS bonus for having a personally sponsored Gold Team Member on her right leg and a personally sponsored Gold Team Member on her left leg. In April, Melissa maxed out the promotion with a total of $1,500 in Title Plus earnings. Congratulations Melissa! We look forward to seeing you at Team Manager Academy.

Again, congratulations to each and every one of you for your hard work, dedication, and passion for Synergy WorldWide, its products and business opportunity. It’s an honor to work beside you.





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