Care to Share: Mark Probert

Mark Probert, one of Synergy's newest Stars, highlights the 2x2 Builder Bonus and how it's helped him be successful in the early stages of his Synergy business.

Prior to getting started, Mark was worried about the possible complexity of building a Synergy business. However, the 2x2 Builder Bonus has provided simplicity and focus to his efforts.

"For my business it has been really good. I've seen a lot of results from it. By helping and focusing all of our efforts into our team and the people we directly talk to and work with, we are seeing results."

The 2x2 Builder Bonus helps Team Members build in a way that will provide stability and long-term residual income. When asked for some words of advice for others just getting started, Mark had this to say:

"Don't over think it. Just follow the program and trust that the program is built the way it should be," advises Mark. "It's not a complex system and [we have] such a great product, such a great company, and such a great business model that it does and will work."

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