Gerri Bingham - Care to Share

Gerri Bingham has been with Synergy WorldWide for over 9 years. Starting at an early age, Gerri acquired a sincere interest in improving her health and wealth.

As a mother of five, grandmother to 21, and now a great grandmother, Gerri's life has been dedicated to raising and taking care of her family. When her last child was about to leave home, Gerri's husband wanted her to start working outside the home. "I wasn't too excited about that," Gerri recalls. "However, I dedicated the next 13 years as a sales rep and giving piano lessons -- something I had done for over 40 years."

After 13 years as a sales rep, Gerri knew that her life had to change, she wanted to do something different. "I knew my prayers were answered with Synergy," says Gerri. "A friend asked us to come support them in a meeting, to which we agreed -- not really knowing what type of meeting we were even going to."

As you can imagine, it turned out to be a Synergy meeting. After learning all about Synergy WorldWide, Gerri and her husband were excited and decided to join. "The day I signed up with Synergy I made a decision that I would do whatever it took to be successful," Gerri explains. "From that point I never looked back. I've had plenty of obstacles, but I never let that stop me."

Little by little Gerri has built a solid and successful business. "I eventually passed the income that I was making, and then my husband's income as well," says Gerri with a smile. "And now he works for me."

Gerri has a passion for helping others and because of Synergy she's now able to help her business partners, her friends, achieve their dreams and goals while doing the same for herself.



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