UHS Technician Training

Finish off your Synergy Open House weekend by attending the UHS training this Saturday, May 21 from 12:00 - 4:00 PM at SynergyWorldWide headquarters.

During this training, UHS will review the wonderful opportunity that exists with the CASPro and BPro as well as offer technical training for the devices. The is a perfect opportunity to see these devices in person.

Learn firsthand how to:
1. Use the CASPro or BPro to quickly earn substantial income as you grow your Synergy organization!
2. Utilize these devices to sell ProArgi-9 Plus and other Synergy products in VOLUME!
3. Use these amazing tools to convince your network to join Synergy's great opportunity and work directly with you!

Click here to register or call 1-866-914-3406 to reserve your seat today! There is no cost to register.



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