May Executive Message

Dear Team Members,

April proved to be another incredible month of growth, activity and accomplishment. As I travel around the country I'm amazed at the number of people who are seeing such tremendous results in their personal health as they consume Synergy products.

I love our recent Leave a Legacy magazine article entitled, “ProArgi9 Plus, First in Quality from Start to Finish”. We are so thankful to be in a position to, not only talk about the quality of our ingredients, formulas and processes, but most importantly, to prove it!

Nobody does what we do to ensure and guarantee product quality. That is truly what distinguishes us from our competitors. We know and can prove the quality of our products! You can be assured that when you share Synergy products with your family, friends and acquaintances they will be receiving the highest quality nutritional supplements in the world. I know that sounds bold and perhaps a little strong, but quite simply it is true.

April was also a great recognition month highlighted by our Open House and Recognition Evening. What a great event and opportunity to recognize so many deserving people who have accomplished so much in promoting their Synergy business with others.

These events are my favorite for a number of reasons. I love seeing and being with our Team Members from all over North America. I love feeling the energy and excitement that comes from being with so many great people who are committed and engaged in a worthy cause to help others. Mostly, I love recognizing in a very special way those that have worked so hard to accomplish goals in their pursuit to bless lives.

I am confident that everyone who attended this event left with an increased desire and commitment to take their business and sharing of the products to a new level. I know this is true because we are already seeing the results. Make these events a priority for you and your team. If you want to see your group increase their passion and focus about building a Synergy business, make sure they attend as many Synergy events as possible.

It is so fun and rewarding to see people have success and reach goals. Synergy Worldwide provides an unbelievable platform to accomplish a variety of unique personal and professional goals. This company affords anyone the opportunity to share life changing products to someone who may be struggling with their health. It provides the opportunity to become financially independent and debt free for those that dedicate themselves, work hard and are consistent over time. And it provides the incredible opportunity to become part of a community that is cause driven and who has a goal and a mission to do good and give back to communities all over the world. That is powerful in so many ways. There are millions of people who want something like this in their life. We have the opportunity to provide it to them in a very real and significant way.

I want to personally congratulate Corrine Brandi for being one of these great people I am referring to. Corrine is very passionate about health and wellness. She has been with our company for years now and continues to reach out and share our products with anyone who will listen. Corrine is our “Facebook” champion as well. She is constantly sharing the message and creating awareness through social media in a way that literally reaches thousands of people at a time. Corrine has experienced some family health challenges as of late but continues to move forward and share Synergy’s message with everyone. Corrine became our newest Team Director in the month of April. Congratulations from all of us.

I also want to personally congratulate Dawn and Scott Norton for their hard work and dedication to Synergy. Dawn and Scott became our newest Team Manager’s and qualified for Team Manager Academy in beautiful Deer Valley, Utah this July. Thank you and congratulations to Dawn and Scott.

Now is the time to increase your effort and extend yourself as we move even closer to our Global Summit in September. Make sure you and your teams are present at this event. You will be blown away at what it provides you as we move forward. Your vision and excitement for this business and company will be raised to a new level! Let’s make this month the very best month we have ever had.

All the best,



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