ProArgi-9 Plus 12-pack Promotion

For the next 60 days Synergy WorldWide invites you to participate in an exclusive promotion that will increase your volume, maximize your earning potential, and accelerate your success like never before!

3 Tracking Centers

Starting May 1 and lasting through June 30, all new North America sign-ups can enroll with three tracking centers by purchasing a qualifying order of 300 CV - a 33% savings! This incredible activation special will generate a $50 Fast Start bonus.

Looking to upgrade? During this same time all North American Team Members within their first six months of enrollment in the business can upgrade to three tracking centers with a limited time qualifying order of 150 CV - a 50% savings! Sponsors of North American Team Members who take advantage of this great opportunity will receive a $25 Fast Start bonus.

To upgrade your account, you must contact Customer Service directly at (801) 431-7660 and place an "upgrade order". 150 CV autoship orders will not automatically upgrade your account.

Sponsor & Win

During this promotion period Team Members who sponsor at least 12 people, who each activate with three tracking centers, will receive a free ProArgi-9 Plus Jumbo!

In addition, at the conclusion of the promotion period, the top three sponsors will win an Apple iPad 2!

Limited Time Offer

Through June 30, Synergy WorldWide is pleased to offer a special ProArgi-9 Plus 12-pack at a discounted price of $450! This incredible pack, worth 300 CV, satisfies the activation requirements for three tracking centers and will get your newly enrolled Team Members on the road to success!

There's never been a better time than the present to take your business to new heights! Spread the word, get your team on board, and take advantage of these summer months to bring the Synergy opportunity to everyone around you!

Special Note: For the first week of May, up through final April bonus calculation, the system will not reflect the activation of 3 tracking centers on new sign-ups. Following April final bonus close, all information will be updated to correctly display on Synergy Pulse.



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