ProArgi-9 Plus: First in Quality

As a company, everything we do is geared towards promoting and encouraging heart health. For this reason, we consider it a top priority to provide our Team Members with the tools necessary to educate others on Synergy's superior heart health products.

The latest edition of the Leave a Legacy magazine features an intriguing article that outlines the manufacturing process of ProArgi-9 Plus from Start to Finish.

From sourcing and testing of the raw materials to delivering a finished product, this article educates you on why ProArgi-9 Plus is First in Quality.

Let's dive in and take a quick look at what this article has to offer.


Quality doesn't begin in a laboratory-it starts in the field, where Nature cultivates the materials that will later become the basis of Synergy WorldWide products. Only the finest elements are selected for this process, and our global sourcing of raw materials ensures the highest quality ingredients are chosen from each harvest.

Ingredients for ProArgi-9 Plus are sourced from suppliers all over the world. Each supplier must be qualified through an audit process performed by highly trained Synergy staff. Raw ingredients suppliers are pre-screened, their processes are tested, and they are given required specifications for the materials we want. Here's a look at a few of the significant ingredients in ProArgi-9 Plus. 

The Sourcing section then goes on to discuss the origins of l-arginine, l-citruline, and resveratrol.


After harvesting, all raw materials are shipped to Nature's Sunshine Products manufacturing facility, where they are subjected to a series of in depth quality control tests to ensure purity and potency. Every incoming raw material is thoroughly tested before it is cleared for use in ProArgi-9 Plus. A total of 247 tests are conducted along the various stages of manufacturing. An once we have the finished ProArgi-9 Plus product, it must also pass through 15 different tests before receiving its final stamp of approval.

The Testing section then highlights six unique quality control tests that are performed on ProArgi-9 Plus.


Our production facilities feature a pharmaceutical-grade bin system designed to help eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. The stainless steel bins reduce exposure and the need to transfer materials from one container to another, and they reduce the amount of handling our products experience.

Bin charging, or mixing, begins in the Issuing Room where tested and approved raw materials are measured. Each ingredient passes through a conical mill, which ensures that any clumps are sifted into fine powder. The conical mills empty into a tube leading to a collection bin.

This section will continue to educate on the Issuing or mixing process of the raw materials to produce the finished product.


Once ProArgi-9 Plus has been produced, each lot is statistically sampled and the finished product is audited by QA inspectors for bulk weight, bottle count, bottle sealing and legible lot numbers. Samples are sent to the QA labs so scientists can compete testing according to our finished product specifications.

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