Friday, November 17, 2017

Trulūm, the premium skin care line from Synergy,  is now available for purchase in the US! Shop the full line and discover your true luminance today.

Trulūm features the ingredients and science that helps the skin to not only look younger, but to act younger at the cellular level. The line consists of seven botanical-rich products scientifically formulated to address the skin microbiome through valuable and quality ingredients.

Read the complete Trulūm Guide for the product science, individual product details, and application instructions.

Have you wondered if Trulūm contains allergens? Do you have to use all of the Trulūm products? How long are the products intended to last? Look through our Frequently Asked Questions that we've compiled to find out. The more you know about the Trulūm skin care line, the easier it is to share it with others.

For more information about the individual Trulūm products, check out the fact sheets below:
Cleansing Gel
Hydrating Toner
Brightening Serum
Youth Serum
Eye Cream
Intrinsic Complex

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