October 2017 Title Plus Earners

In October, Synergy paid out over $5,000 in Title Plus bonuses. A special congratulations goes out to these individuals who earned a bonus this month!

Keep working hard in order to earn matching bonuses by maintaining all new titles for 3 months! For more information about the Title Plus Enhanced promotion, click here.

Team Leader
Daniel Culton 3x Achieved: $600 Matching Bonus
Elliot O. Douglin

Daniel Culton 3x Achieved: $300 Matching Bonus
Betsy Munoz
Elliot O. Douglin

Daniel Culton 3x Achieved: $225 Matching Bonus
Andrew Jang 2x Achieved
Dejan Holder 2x Achieved
Trevor Browne
Katherine Culton
Terry Coulton
Tatsugo Yoda

Dr. Dennis Meador 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Andrew Jang 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Charles Powell 3x Achieved: $150 Matching Bonus
Ericka Harris 2x Achieved
Vincent Thomas 2x Achieved
Dr Tim Harrigan
Katherine Culton
Terry Coulton
Terry Roach
Tatsugo Yoda

Amy Hertz 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Garth John 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Sybil Millar 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Ericka Harris 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Vincent Thomas 3x Achieved: $75 Matching Bonus
Jean E. Rampersad 2x Achieved
Doris Williams 2x Achieved
Patrick Martin Tyron Todd 2x Achieved
Valton Bend 2x Achieved
Dr. Tad Tenney 2x Achieved
Jonathan Cabading 2x Achieved
Andrienne Willis 2x Achieved
Cory Oropeza 2x Achieved
Stanislaus Wright 2x Achieved
Wanda White 2x Achieved
Maxine S. Thomas 2x Achieved
Onile Mcniel 2x Achieved
Dr. Lystra M Richardson 2x Achieved
Malachi Mills 2x Achieved
Jonathan Tashjian 2x Achieved
Jeremy Newton 2x Achieved
Jesse Grimaldo 2x Achieved
Lillian Parker 2x Achieved
Victoria Bobbitt 2x Achieved
April Pinger
Dianne Sanberg
Caudaleen Guthrie
Dr. Jay Rohleder
Jimmy Perez
Jonathon Dickerson
Veta Williams
Henderson Neblett
Mireille Pierre
Tatsugo Yoda
Valerie Dewolf
Henderson Alleyne
Lindsey Henderson
Justin Henderson
Stephen Kitchen
Ashley Kitchen
David Kitchen
Madison Johnston
Dan Spirgen
Adrienne Spirgen
Carma Johnston
Brent Hunsaker
Brinley Mcallister
Savannah Kitchen
Samantha Kitchen
Quint Chipman
Brady Watkins
Guy Trowbridge
Mathew Graves
Michael A. Edwards
John Grimes
Helen Sayers
Terry C. Mason
Sherry Ann Springer



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