New Synergy Site is Live!

We are thrilled to announce that Synergy WorldWide’s long-anticipated NEW website is officially live at This is an exciting milestone, and we cannot wait to share what we’ve created with you.

Enjoy exploring the new face of Synergy’s digital presence, featuring new images, pages and benefits almost too many to count.

Updated Look
The new site features the Elite Health message, updated branding, new content, and designs. Spend a few minutes clicking between pages on the corporate site, and you’ll understand what Synergy is all about.

One User Experience
For the first time ever, Synergy Shop, Pulse, and Enrollment are all housed under one roof. All three entities are now part of Synergy’s new website.

Previously, online enrollment for new Team Members or customers was a 10+-step process. Now, the number of steps has been cut in half! Team Members in select countries can also look forward to an electronic signature capability, removing the requirement to send in a physical Getting Started Form.

Shopping & Checkout
Shopping is now easier than ever! Navigate easily between products and categories, and checkout using a faster, more seamless process.

You may hardly recognize the new version of Pulse (the digital back office for Synergy Team Members), but don’t worry! It’s easier than ever to navigate, even upon your first visit. Expect to see a new downline viewer, dashboard, key leaderboards for quick access to leadership metrics, report visuals, and more.
Email & Social Login  Excited to log in? You should be! Now, for extra security and convenience, you will use your email address or social media accounts to login. With this enhancement, you’ll be able to quickly retrieve a forgotten password securely through the site. No need to wait for a Customer Service agent to manually reset.

IMPORTANT! Existing Team Members and Customers will need to set up their new login. Simply use a unique email address and complete a few easy verification steps. For a helpful guide through this process, click here.

Key Leader Board The Key Leader Board is a new feature found on the Pulse dashboard. Here, Team Members are able to track activity within their organizations in order to better support fellow Team Members in growing successful businesses.

Reports The new Pulse back office features a variety of dynamic reports designed to help Team Members manage their accounts and downlines more effectively. From the “Business Growth Tracker” to the “Organization Volume Tracker,” you’ll have the stats you need.

Replicated Sites
Sharing the Synergy site now opens new windows of opportunity! Team Members now have access to a free replicated website—a Synergy site connected to your individual business! Enrollments and transactions that occur on your replicated site interface will benefit you directly. All distributors will have their own URLs, which follows this pattern: “”

You can find your replicated site information under the “My Synergy” tab in your new Pulse back office.

We know all of these changes may take some getting used to, and you may want some time to become more familiar with the new site. As you become more accustomed to the new site, you’ll still have access to the old site you’ve known and loved through the end of the year. After spending a little quality time with the new site, we are confident that you will love it and never want to look back!



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