Trulūm Takes Off Around the World

Making its third debut worldwide, Trulūm is set to wow customers in North America, beginning November 16, with visibly younger, healthier skin. How do we know this? We’ve seen it.

Launched first at the Asia Summit in November 2016, Trulūm has been making its impact in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and a handful of other countries. Customers there took to social media to share photos and stories of brighter, plumper, more-even skin tone after using Trulūm for a few short weeks. More than 25,000 Trulūm products were sold in November and December alone!

Then, a little over one month ago, Trulūm officially launched throughout Synergy’s European markets. Excited Team Members attended Europe Summit 2017 in Barcelona to learn all about the first Synergy skin care line to ever be introduced in their markets.

Before the launch event, a group of Europeans were asked to put Trulūm to the test. They used it, assessed it, and proved that Trulūm is the real deal. They took the stage in Barcelona and shared their personal experiences in a special Summit panel. These Trulūm testers are now enthusiastic European Trulūm spokespeople! (Click here to see a few of their reviews). Subsequently, there have been nearly 12,000 Trulūm products sold in Europe, and the excitement continues.

Trulūm has attracted an entirely new demographic to Synergy WorldWide! With the launch of Trulūm in North America, you too will have new doors open to business growth as you focus on building with Trulūm.

Try Trulūm for yourself and discover a more versatile product offering and a more youthful-looking you. You are invited to our launch event! Join us at Synergy HQ, or watch the Facebook Live broadcast. Click here for details.



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