Team Manager Academy

Monday, August 02, 2010

On July 15-18, a group of Synergy WorldWide’s up-and-coming leaders gathered for the Team Manager Academy—a weekend full of training, and some well-earned rest and relaxation in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

The event took place at the luxurious Chateaux at Silver Lake, an exclusive resort nestled in the hills just below Deer Valley ski resort. Team Members enjoyed finely appointed rooms, delicious dining, and incredible views of Deer Valley and the surrounding mountains.

Leaders in attendance included:

Brian and Sara Holt
Renee and Jim Creasey
Bobby and Janice Smith
Kaimi Pelekai
Lesa Maiava
Corrine Brandi
Dr. Nick Martinuik
Jean and Joan Riggs
Bill Styles
Nancy and Brian Kerbs
Harvey and Joan Schick
Gerry and Jerry Bingham
Brooke and Nathan Strebe

These leaders enjoyed in-depth business and product training from Synergy executives and top Team Members, including Marty Holker, Eric Glenn, John Hewlett, Dan Higginson, Dan Norman, Stewart Rutter, Tyler Rippy, and more.

They also joined forces with the Homeless Youth Resource Center to build hygiene kits for homeless teenagers in Salt Lake City. The teamwork was incredible as the group together built more than 300 kits!

But it wasn’t just intense training—there was also lots of time for fun. Dinner and an outdoor concert at Sundance Resort, bowling, shopping at Park City’s famous outlets, and a barbeque at Mark Comer’s cabin made the leadership retreat complete.

The one thing you heard over and over again during this event, both from corporate leaders and Team Members alike, is that “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Top leaders from multiple organizations shared their insight, experience, and training with up-and-coming leaders from all groups and downlines. With Synergy’s incredible compensation plan, it doesn’t matter where you’re from—everyone is on the same team and working together to make Synergy grow.

People walked away from this event with a stronger commitment to their groups and their Synergy businesses. Set your sights on achieving Team Manager, and we’ll see you at the next retreat!

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. The Team Manager Academy was awesome! Thank you and congratulations to everyone that qualified and attended.

  2. Rene'e and Jim CreaseyAugust 4, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    THANK YOU is SO not enough to have been treated like kings and queens at the Team Manager Academy! Precious memories...and our hearts are filled with gratitude for all that was done for all of us. You went over the top to dine us, entertain us, and train us. THANK YOU! We learned so very much--so many good things to bring back to our business leaders. We look forward to using these skills and ideas to reach for the top--together--with so many wonderful new and old friends. Thanks again, Synergy, for your concern for us--and especially for those HEARTS out there that we still need to reach with this life-saving product. We'll get there, one by one. We love and appreciate all of you who continue to work so tirelessly to make this company the best of the best. Your integrity shows from the inside out--and we appreciate you! The only thing that could have made that weekend better was to have ALL of our downline there with us! SOMEDAY! Rene'e and Jim Creasey

  3. What an incredible event this was! Having attended many training events over the years, I would rate this as the best. It balanced some really remarkable training with some absolutely fun and hilarious entertainment. Our team looks forward to all of our leadership attending this training/vacation event in the future. Thank you to all who participated and especially to Synergy for taking the lead in our industry.

  4. Thank you so much for inviting me! What a beautiful place and amazing people. I'm studying Good to Great and have my team reading it too. We are using the principles to guide us, especially getting the right people on the bus.

    The Miracle Molecule is a top notch sorting tool in looking for those people :) Marty Holker's presentation with his simple duplicatable system has changed my business. Our team is waiting for the Mixed Berry single serving packets and ready to buy Presidential Packs!

    In the meantime we are learning and using the Presidential University System, and love the power and simplicity of 'taking people around the bases'. As an upline, I know who is working and what they are doing and how I can help them -because the final step is a 3-way call with me!

    The personal experience of collaborating and having fun with the other leaders was wonderful. I learned so much from so many.

    And now I drive around listening to Gary Bur in the car, lol. Until the concert at Sundance I didn't even like country music!

    Mark's Cabin is breathtaking. Being in that beautiful place singing along with Kaimi - knowing how many people that guy will help to alter the quality and quantity of their life.. and all of us - the feeling of power and contribution and possibility was awesome!

    Thank you again. Know that I am leveraging all that I learned and sharing it with my team here on Cape Cod. They will be in next year's Academy!

    Best, Corrine