A Key to Success by Steve Seely

Steve and Roxanne Seely are Pearl Executives and Advisory Board Members at Synergy WorldWide. They've experienced great success here at Synergy and we recently spoke with Steve to find out what he believes to be a key to their success.   

This concept is an essential cornerstone to success in every aspect of life. 

Without goals, we often lose direction and wander aimlessly with lofty hopes of someday, somehow arriving at our destination.  When goals are consistently being set, we achieve more and find ourselves continually moving forward.

I recently read an article on http://www.mindtools.com/ that discusses some key aspects of goal setting. It discusses a useful mnemonic that helps our goal setting be more powerful.  Ironically enough, the mnemonic is known as SMART.


Based on the SMART mnemonic, which is the better goal?

1. I want to be a leader at Synergy WorldWide.
2. I will achieve Pearl Executive by June 2011.

The second goal is by far better.  It's specific, quantifiable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.  With this type of goal you can then set subsequent goals, following the SMART mnemonic, that will ensure your steady progress towards your target. 

What do you think about goal setting? How have goals helped you in your business?

Please share your perspectives, opinions, and pointers on how goal setting can help one succeed at Synergy WorldWide.

The complete article referenced above can be found here.



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