New ProArgi-9 Product Launch

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The official launch of our NEW ProArgi-9 Mixed Berry single serve packets is just around the corner!

Can't wait that long? Don't worry, we have just what you need...

Open House Promotion
Come to the Open House this Friday, August 20 and take advantage of our pre-launch, in-store only promotion.

This weekend only, you can purchase a 3-pack of ProArgi-9 Plus Mixed Berry single serve packets at the store, and receive 1 pack absolutely FREE. That's a $71 savings!

Cost: $168, 120 CV

*Please note, this promotion will ONLY be available at the Synergy store on Friday and Saturday, August 20 & August 21. This is not available for purchase through our customer service department.

Official Product Launch
The convenient single serve packets let you share the benefits with others or take ProArgi-9 on the go, ensuring you'll never miss your daily dose!

The official launch of the ProArgi-9 Plus Mixed Berry single serve packets is just about here! Continue to visit the blog and be on the lookout for the next announcement with the official launch date.

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