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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Summit is just around the corner!

Today is the last day to be entered to win in the Summit pre-event giveaway promotion.  Register for the Summit by the end of today and have a chance to win a free iPad, 3-night Summit accommodations, and more.

2010 has been a phenominal year and this culminating event will put the icing on the cake. On October 22 - 23, Synergy WorldWide will launch new products, new tools to enhance your business, and expand your vision to a whole new level!

Participate in the excitement and accelerate your business into 2011. Register today!

If you've attended a previous Summit, post a comment below and let everyone know how it benefited you and your business. 

Synergy WorldWide

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  1. October 22-23 will be HISTORY IN THE MAKING!! Not the usual network marketing conference with one-dimensional excitement... far beyond it!! New products are exciting - yes! New tools are exciting - yes! But the energy of the REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS with the REAL RESPONSIBILITY our message brings is what it is TRULY all about.

    Coming together to celebrate early successes is important, and I want to personally invite everyone to attend this historic event! There will NEVER BE ANOTHER TIME in our company history that you can say that you were an integral part of our company branding launch to the world... see you there and soar together!!

    ~ Ted Wilson, CANADA