Credibility begins with you

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I often wonder why so many people and companies in this industry struggle to instill confidence and create credibility in whatever opportunity they are representing. It seems that so many look for creative stories and catchy marketing phrases to convince someone that what they represent is legitimate.

Why do they feel it necessary to do this? Because either they have no personal credibility or the opportunity they represent has no real credibility. Whether we want to admit it or not, what all of us are really selling first and foremost is ourselves. Successful people are attracted to other successful people. Motivated and passionate people are attracted to motivated and passionate people. If we want to be successful in this business, or any other business for that matter, we must first start by being the very best we can be.

It is no wonder that our fastest growing Team Members are also our hardest working Team Members. The most active groups and organizations are lead by the most active leaders. Steve Seely, John Hewlett and Marty Holker are three of our fastest growing leaders and it is no wonder. Each of these men lead by example! They have put in the time and effort to create true personal credibility and once a person becomes credible and trusted, whatever it is that they represent becomes credible and trusted.

So, how do we become more credible? Really it is simple. We lead by example. If we want people to be educated and trained on our products, we must become educated and trained. If we want our people to be actively building a Synergy business we must be actively building a Synergy business. The successful people of this business have been willing to put forth the necessary personal effort and sacrifice. There is no short cut or silver bullet for long term success and stability. After all, if you are not willing to pay the price you should not expect the reward.

Focus on building personal credibility through the example you set day in and day out and I believe you will see tremendous results in your Synergy business.

All the best,

Synergy WorldWide

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. May I just add that Synergy Worldwides credibility is directly linked with the credibility of its corporate officers.

    We feel very blessed to be able to associate with men of such high moral fiber and integrity.

    Thank you for ALL of your hard work and hours of time on our behalf.

    Steve and Roxanne Seely

  2. I look forward to seeing more good blessings bestowed onto more people as they come to realize the benefit of true goodness. This applies to all aspects of life including food and supplements. What I'm learning about ProAgri9 and its reputable history and the good performance it carries, it fits hand and glove with "right".