Matching Bonuses Achieved! Title Plus 2017

Years ago, Team Members across North America fell in love with the Title Plus promotion, earning extra money along with new titles, and banking bonuses by maintaining momentum. Now, by popular demand, the Title Plus Promotion is back, and we're already more than four months deep into this 2017 edition. Time is flying by!

In May, nearly 50 of our Team Members were able to maintain newly achieved pin titles for a third straight month, thereby earning the Title Plus Matching Bonus. This means Synergy paid double the bonus they've earned month after month. Not a bad way to start the summer!

Congratulations to the following Team Members for rank advancing and sustaining that momentum:

Team Elite: $2,100 Matching Bonus
David Davidson

Team Manager: $900 Matching Bonus
O'Neil Cattnell

Team Leader: $600 Matching Bonus
O'Neil Cattnell
Shankie Chin

Gold: $300 Matching Bonus
Shankie Chin
Beverley Holness

Silver: $225 Matching Bonus
Tiffany Burnett
Earlwaine Cumberbatch
Russell Scivally
Shankie Chin
Beverley Holness

Bronze: $150 Matching Bonus
Dr. Shannon Bone
Elizabeth Blanchard
Russell Scivally
Armondo Dubon
Sara Edelman
Beverley Holness
Owen Williams
Carl Scott

Star: $75 Matching Bonus
Ruth T. Stroud
Marquette Cordova
Virginia Albert Poyotte
Dr Timothy Bortz
Nina Burnett
Alejandro Zurita
Dr. Carl Johnson
Jordan D. Cook
Sara Edelman
Sherwin Williams
Beverley Holness
Gary Wright
Cliffton Salter
William Mills
Owen Williams
Ralston Barnes
Devon Metcalfe
Elliot O. Douglin
Debby Donaldson
Ansel Drummond
Christopher Richards
Carl Scott
Mark Stewart
Daniel Culton
Marlin Miller
Jennifer Burnett

We look forward to your future successes as the 2017 Title Plus promotion continues throughout the rest of the year! For more information and details behind this exciting incentive program, click here.



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