General Manager's Message to North American Team

Greetings North American Team Members,

To start a successful business, it is important to begin with a powerful foundation, much like a competitive sprinter exploding out of the starting blocks. Next, an aggressive and maintainable pace must be set. Then, as the finish line comes into view, every ounce of strength and energy is used to assure victory.

I am confident that 2017 will be a prizewinning year for Synergy North America. We have not even hit the halfway mark and we are already seeing an incredible amount of progress. In January, I met with top North American Leaders to discuss and develop our strategy for 2017. After this plan was approved, we began to execute.

The first milestone, our explosive start, came during the Purify Kit limited time offer event in March. It was remarkable to see how efficiently our Team Members promoted this sale and how excited everyone was for Purify. Due to the incredible response of our leaders and Team Members, March was the best month Synergy North America has had in years! We sold over 1,000 Purify Kits in only a few hours. We sold so many in fact, that I had to start taking demo kits off the desks of Executives to fill order demand. It was this moment in March that set the tone for the rest of 2017.

Next, we maintained our impressive pace and energy at the Elite Health kickoff event on May 12th – 13th here in Utah. This event served as a launching point to introduce the Elite Health messaging, marketing, positioning and products into our market. This alignment of all facets of the Synergy business is going to create exponential growth moving forward. It was also rewarding to be able to congratulate and recognize the hard work and effort that many of you have been putting in over the past two years.

The most exciting thing coming to Synergy North America is the next step of the Elite Health program. This summer, we will be the first market in the world to launch FORTIFY! The Hughes Center for Research and Innovation has completed its clinical study on this program, successfully demonstrating its beneficial effect on the microbiome. I cannot wait for you all to try it!

Along with Fortify, we are planning the launch of Trulūm, our revolutionized skincare line, later this year. These innovative products were the best selling items at the Asian Summit when they launched in 2016 and now we are bringing that excitement here.

We are off to an impressive start. We exploded out of the blocks in March, setting the tone for the rest of the year. Now, we have set our pace with the official launch of Purify (and the Fortify launch coming soon). Later this year, we will push through to the finish line with Trulūm becoming available in the fourth quarter. So go get your running shoes, things are happening fast!


Shane Greer
General Manager,
Synergy North America



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