Founder’s Message: Title Plus 2017 Success

Synergy Founder Dan Higginson stepped in front of the camera at the Synergy office to offer his congratulations to those who have earned the Title Plus bonus so far, and to encourage others to take advantage of this promotion while it lasts!

In January of 2010, Synergy debuted Title Plus, one of the best promotions in Synergy history. Now in 2017, Synergy has brought it back and our Team Members are already taking advantage of the incredible earning opportunities. Since the renewed promotion began in February, Synergy has paid out over $17,000 in bonuses so far!

To learn more about Title Plus in 2017, click here.

David Davidson, Dr. May Buchanon and O’Neil Cattnell have taken steps to climb the Synergy ranks and increase their earnings on top of the compensation plan, but they’re not alone! Team Members from all over North America are cashing in on Title Plus 2017 and increasing their earnings. Dr. May has an extra $850, Jacinth Waldron has an extra $600, Reed and Carole from the Burnett family have combined bonuses of $800, and hundreds of other Team Members have earned bonuses ranging from $25 to $400 so far!

Congratulations to everyone who is reaping the rewards of Title Plus. We look forward to seeing all that you accomplish as the promotion continues through December 2017!



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