New Team Elite Leading Organization to Greatness

Ten years ago, David Davidson of Orlando, Florida, was working in the car industry and, financially, lost everything. Today, he is feeling more optimistic than ever about his life and his future. He is Synergy North America’s newest Team Elite, facing a promising future thanks to the rock star lineup of supportive leaders and the stalwart professionals in his organization

O’neil Cattnell, Shankie Chin, Beverley Holness, and Owen Williams had a productive March. Each of them achieved the rank of Team Leader for the first time, with O'neil rising all the way to Team Director! Their accomplishments brought new earnings while pushing David to his new title. We congratulate all of these fine business builders for their success this past month!

Synergy Founder Dan Higginson and Emerald Executive Bart Woodcook have both been instrumental in supporting David on his journey to find the right leaders that would help him grow the business. David and his team traveled to Utah together to experience Synergy WorldWide firsthand earlier this year, and were convinced that Synergy provided the greatest opportunity they had ever heard of.

“Sharing Synergy with O’neil was the spark of the year,” David said, “and now we have great people on the team that are all doing their part consistently. We are starting to get some traction in the U.S. We’re pushing from the bottom up. We want to help people figure out what their goal is this month, but let people go at their own pace and see what we can do as a team to help them.”

Beverley believes the team finds their strength in teamwork, motivation, and their collective passion for health and wellness. She and the three other new Team Leaders are grateful for a mentor like David who reinforces these characteristics within his team because he wants every individual to find success. In Owen’s experience, he said there are many network marketers who get you to start a business and then “leave you in the deep ocean.” Owen said David is the ideal leader, calling him humble, responsive, cooperative, and engaged.

“David has a big heart; he is a giver,” O’neil said. “He believes in people. David is the one that provides the validation that we have found a home. It’s instrumental in creating that support environment that we need to grow. He ensures that everyone has their products and that they fully understand how the business works.

David has a sure “Why” that he calls the “network marketer’s dream.” He dreams of time and freedom—waking up and going to bed when he wants, traveling with his family, and not having to worry about making ends meet. And everyone on David’s team understands that they cannot realize these dreams without each other.

“You have to help other people with what they want in life,” said new Team Leader Shankie Chin. “If you do that, then you will get what you want.”

David and his team are hard at work and excited for what is to come. All of them expressed feeling like they are home with Synergy after many years of searching for the right fit.

“Conclusively, we have found not just a business, we’ve found a home,” Owen said. “I’m not looking right or left. I’m dropping my anchor and I’m looking forward.”



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